Monday, April 26, 2010

Hair We Go Again

It happens every time. I make a hair appointment, prepare the best I can by bringing in a photo of the haircut I want, talk it over to the best of my ability with the stylist, and then steel myself for something between disappointment and devastation.

WHY do I always, ALWAYS, no matter what haircut I describe or picture I bring in, end up looking like a combination between Gossamer, the red hairy monster from Looney Tunes,

and The Rachel a la Jennifer Aniston on Friends circa 1995?

Oh, the humanity! Is there an instructional video circulating through beauty schools that contains subliminal images of Gossamer, Rachel, and yours truly? Do I have a tattoo on the back of my scalp that says, "Just kidding about the awesome Tina Fey photo I brought"?

Maybe there's a law of attraction thing going on here... Like because I believe I'm going to get a bad haircut, I do? Like I have invisible universe magnets that attract bad hair vibes? Maybe between now and my next appointment, I will visualize fantastic hair...Tina Fey hair...Kate Beckinsale hair...OMMMazing hair....

Or maybe next time, I should just bring in this celebrity hair photo:

That should keep it pretty simple!


  1. You are hilarious. Gossamer! lol! My haircuts never look like the picture I take with me, either. Why is this?