Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top Ten Signs You're a Parent of Little Kids

In the grand tradition of top ten lists, here are ten things that have actually been true of me…and if you have little kids, may be true of you, too.

1. You have ever called another adult a "stinker."

2. Your purse contains 3 pacifiers, 2 plastic dinosaurs, 1 coupon for diapers, and 0 pens.

3. You've resorted to using the blender in the garage because it scares someone too much.

4. You think of clipping your toenails as "doing something for yourself."

5. Amazon suggests you might like a teething giraffe. (They know you so well, don't they?)

6. You have fabulous biceps but a poochy middle.

7. You know that a binky is not a blanket, a sucker is not a lollipop, and a Nuk is not a kind of Eskimo.

8. You've given more than a passing thought to the emotionally complicated relationship between Bob and Wendy on Bob the Builder.

9. You have a mental map of every drive-thru in four cities.

10. You've ever spent hours waiting for the kids to go to bed, and then when they did, you wanted to wake them back up again because you love them that much.


  1. So true! Especially #2, #4 (I am so there right now!), and I was just thinking about #8 yesterday. #10 is probably the most true. We just got a book from the library by Robert Munsch called Love You Forever. When I read it to the littles for the first time, the 3yo got mad at me because it wasn't "nice to cry during a book". ;-)

  2. I have totally used the blender, and food processor, behind as many closed doors as possible! LOL! And I never ever could have understood #10 before becoming a mother. So so true.

  3. #2--no pacifiers, but about 8 toys because I didn't have time to pack an actual bag for knitting and everything ended up in my purse (including my yarn)
    #3--not yet! I vacuumed the floor with Katie sitting down there yesterday.
    #5--already have the teething they suggest the mushrooms.
    #7--check, check, check
    #10--usually because I want to hug and kiss her to pieces yet again.

    I know the others are coming...Katie just isn't old enough yet!

  4. Our daughters are grown . . . so your list brings back some sweet and funny memories. I must make a list of 10 things for knowing your kids are no longer at home. It would also be sweet and funny.