Friday, May 14, 2010

Burnout is Funny!

And now for a little departure from the generally serious nature of this blog...

You know you've been there. You're driving down the street at night when you notice a lit sign with burned-out letters. Sometimes it's enough to give you a little chuckle or point out to your passenger, like, "Hey, Fry's ood and Drug. Think they sell good ood there?" Yuk, yuk. Then there are those times when you're rooting for just one more letter to burn out to make it really classic. Like the Wireless World sign at Stapley and Southern that for months said "Wirel orld." Curse that extra L! WIRE LORD would be so much more awesome. And then there are the burned-out signs that are camera phone-worthy, true comic jackpot. My personal crowning glory of burned-out signs was some years back as a grad student at ASU. At the corner of University and College, the Campus Corner sign's first three letters burned out, revealing "PUS CORNER." YESSSSS!

So without further ado, here is my top ten list of East Valley signs I'm rooting for to burn out just perfectly. If by "perfectly" I mean "to satisfy my sophomoric sense of humor."

1. Golden Spoon --> Old Poo (or Golden Poo--equally amusing)

2. OAsian Noodle Bar--the top half of the L is all I ask.

3. Big O Tires --> BIGOT

4. Port of Subs --> Pot of BS

5. Giant Hamburgers at Lindsay & Broadway --> please, please, can this someday proclaim "GIANT HAM URGES"?

6. Don't pretend you've never wanted the first five letters of Eyeglass World to burn out.

7. Or the G in Black Angus.

8. Check 'n Go --> HECK NO (which is what everyone should be saying to this place anyway)

9. I would mention one for Inside the Bungalow, but they don't actually have a lighted sign.

10. With all these frozen custard places popping up, you'd think one of them would have the decency to let the "cus" and the top of the lower-case "a" burn out. It would distinguish them, don't you think? Anybody can sell frozen custard. It's the frozen turd niche market that really needs exploring.

So now that I've exposed my juvenile side, I want to hear from YOU! What are your favorite burned-out signs, real or hoped-for?


  1. Nothing off the top of my head, but I will definitely be looking every time I'm out driving!

  2. =) I thought of another one, by the way. Any of those Self Storage places could suddenly turn into warnings for "ELF RAGE."

  3. OMG this was so hilarious Sarah. Tom probably wonders what in the world i am laughing about down here.